Nutritional Hacks to Rock Holiday Parties!

How do you approach the holidays in regards to food? Does your mouth water in anticipation of all of the yummy treats? Or, do you get anxious thinking about how the holidays might affect the number when you step on the scale? Either way, this post is for YOU!!!

  1. Mindset – Be mindful of your mindset. That seems simple enough, right? If you are completely stressed while eating “Christmas yummies,” your body and metabolism will respond accordingly. When I have had this mentality in the past, the stress of eating a treat, compelled me to keep eating treats in mass quantities. I wouldn’t have EVER needed to eat the entire bag of “Hershey Kisses,” if I would have simply enjoyed the first two or three sugary yum-yums! However, if your approach to eating treats in moderation is “Ah, this is so great!” your body will better digest the food food you eat!
  2. Hydration! The best advice I can give you is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water is the easiest way to keep blood sugar balanced!
  3. Pair a sugary goodie with a protein! The more you eat simple carbohydrates (basically anything in the form of desert), the more you will send your blood sugar on a roller coaster. However, if you eat a delicacy with a protein, you greatly improve your ability to keep your blood sugar balanced out immensely!
  4. Veggies – In addition to hydrating and eating a protein with a dessert, add a portion of veggies to the combination! By adding some quality fiber to the indulgence, you will aid the digestion process!
  5. Probiotics – I CANNOT express the value in adding pre- and probiotics to your routine! What you eat does affect your gut health! See more here at Interconnect Series – Episode 1. When eating some crazy food, I make sure and incorporate pre- and probiotics to the mix to set up my gut health for success.

Hopefully, you will find these tips helpful! Do you have other healthy tips that you use during the holidays? Please post your tips below!

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